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Florida Online Divorce Requirements

Ending a marriage doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. It doesn't have to be a battle in the courtroom or cause months of emotional drama. We eliminate all of this.  We provide a "do it yourself"(without a lawyer) solution for any uncontested divorce (with or without children). An uncontested divorce is one in which you and your spouse are in agreement.
We prepare your county specific divorce forms addressing your property, debt, children (if you have any), and any other relevant issues. 
In some cases you will be able to file your DIY divorce by mail without appearing in court (depending on which county the case was filed in, and the judge). Rest assured, with us, filing your own divorce could not be more simple.  
Answer a few easy (non-legal) questions. Most customers can answer all the questions in less than 1 hour. Keep in mind that you can complete the questions at your own pace.  All documents will be prepared based on the written information provided by you.  You will review and approve a draft of each document prior to receiving a final draft to ensure the content is accurate and meets with your approval.    
You and your spouse must be in agreement to the terms of your divorce. You and/or your spouse must truthfully answer all questions in the questionnaire.  If you have any questions regarding legal advice, you must consult an attorney.  One can be recommended to you.